Buying Psychedelics

WARNING: Everything in this set of articles is intended as educational only. Obey your local laws and regulations.

To purchase psychedelics, you have two options: find a local dealer, or use an Internet psychedelic vendor. For most psychedelics, we strongly suggest using an Internet psychedelics vendor. By purchasing psychedelics off the Internet, you can use reviews on neutral websites to ensure with high probability that you are acquiring quality substances.

In this set of articles, we educate you on general aspects of buying psychedelics. Additionally, we provide buying guides for several substances. Finally, we provide profiles of some psychedelics vendors and guides on how to buy from them.

Why Buy Psychedelics Online?

Many people are unfamiliar with the idea of buying psychedelics online. In these articles, we show you why buying psychedelics online is much better than buying them in-person, and in particular, why you should use the Dark Web.

Purchasing Basics

Regardless whether you decide to use the Surface Web or Dark Web, you will need to learn how to use some new technologies. If you use the Dark Web, you’ll have more to learn, but it is definitely worth the small time investment.

Surface Web and Dark Web

  • How Research Chemicals and Psychedelics Get Shipped in the Mail
  • How to Find Information and Reviews about Research Chemicals/Psychedelics Vendors
  • Buying and Using Cryptocurrency

Dark Web

Dark Web Marketplaces

Dark Web marketplaces allow you to quickly and safely acquire psychedelics. We provide profiles and reviews of several Dark Web marketplaces, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to make an order from each marketplace.

Dark Web Marketplaces Profile & Buying Guide
Dream Market Article
Wall Street Market Article
CGMC Article
The Majestic Garden Article

Surface Web Vendors

While we strongly suggest using the Dark Web over the Surface Web, there do exist some credible Surface Web vendors for quasilegal research chemicals. We are creating profiles of each vendor.

Vendor Profile Ships From Ships To  
Lysergi Link Canada WW except UK, Australia, Israel and India  
RealChems Link Netherlands WW except UK, USA, Austria N/A EU WW except Australia, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA  
ChemLogix Link Canada WW; some restrictions for Poland and some USA states