Psychedelic Retreats

Putting together all the pieces for a productive psychedelic experience can be difficult. You need to buy your psychedelic of choice, construct an appropriate set and setting, and perhaps track down an underground psychedelic guide. If this is daunting, one option is to attend a psychedelic retreat.

In countries where psychedelics are legal, various groups organize psychedelic retreats in which all attendees’ needs are provided for. These retreats can be expensive, and you may have to travel far to attend the retreat. However, if money is no obstacle, they can be an effective way to outsource all ancillary knowledge needed to construct an effective psychedelic experience.

Psilocybin/Magic Mushroom Retreats

Unlike LSD, psilocybin (or magic) mushrooms are legal in several countries. So, several organizations have begun organizing magic mushroom retreats. The below table lists all such known retreats, their countries, and provides links to our profiles of each retreat.

Retreat Country Article
MycoMeditations Jamaica Link
Sol Medicine Mexico N/A
Sacred Healing Center Mexico N/A
The Shift Netherlands N/A
Synthesis Netherlands N/A
Psychedelic Experience Retreats Netherlands N/A
Second Sacred Holy Trinity Retreat United Kingdom N/A